Gesy Duran, from New York in the US, tragically fell from the fifth floor of a building when she was younger.

Although she didn’t break any bones, her pancreas was left severely damaged.

Fast forward to a few years later, she suffered from chronic pancreatitis which resulted in the removal of her pancreas recently.

After what was believed to be a successful surgery, to Gesy’s shock and horror she realised that she could no longer move her legs.

The latter was a result of a haematoma which formed on the artist’s spinal cord, causing her to be rushed back to surgery.

Although her life was saved, the damage had already been done. Gesy was informed that was paralysed from the waist down.

“When I was told I was paralysed I took it like champ,” the 32-year-old said.

“I was more upset and hurt by the way the doctor told me. It is what it is.  

“After that day I knew no one was going to take my happiness away. I kept smiling and joking. I didn’t get depressed because I knew I had an incredible support system.”

With the support of her wife, she’s since tackled her paralysis head-on.

“I have an amazing wife. We’ve been together for 13 years, she’s my high-school sweetheart. She’s been by my side every step of the way.”


But ultimately, the giant strides Gesy has made on her way to recovery have been down to her can-do attitude.

“I went from not walking to walking with braces. I went from having no sensation in my legs to now having some sensation back. I can bend my knees. I can wiggle my toes.”

Gesy further revealed that accomplishing something new was what gave her an adrenalin rush to “try something new and to work even harder and to never give up”.

She’s been walking for almost two years since her diagnosis, and her hard work paid off on her wedding day.

“I was able to walk down the aisle and meet my wife,” she said.

“I don't compare my progress to anybody else's because everybody has a different body. With all the progress I have made there’s no way I’m going to quit now.”

“It may take years but we’re all here for a reason and we can't take even one day for granted.”