iktoria Ivachyova, a 24-year-old who is a resident of Russian capital Moscow, claims she can provide the exact emotions people desire to their homes — if they are within her area of operation.

She says, “I noticed a long time ago that people’s mood changes after talking to me. I have started experimenting with it.”

Viktoria says she first noticed her living emoticon abilities by seeing how she could influence her friends and family and now she is ready to work with others.

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The price for her service reportedly starts at 6,900 RUB (about R1 500) and a request can be left on her website. She says she is ready to help people when they are low, or when they want to cry, gossip or scream.

The Moscow resident visits people in their homes when they order an ‘emotion’ and takes a security guard with her for protection as she talks with them to provide the emotion.

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Her website stresses that all inappropriate messages hinting on her providing escort or sex services are strictly banned.

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