It seems like more and more women are seeing the endings of their nuptials as a reason to celebrate and move on in the most cheerful ways - think photo shoots, wedding gowns and of course, luxury parties - complete with "boy bye" branded cupcakes and all. It's literally lit.

While divorces are often the result and cause of unhappiness and heartbreak, ending an unhappy marriage and finally escaping a life of toxicity must bring along a feeling of new found freedom coupled with hope for a better future.

And what better way to celebrate newfound freedom and surviving a bad marriage then a party?

Thirty-four-year old Catherine Nevarro knew this too well when she threw a luxury party at her New Jersey home in celebration of her divorce with her then partner, Marc, of about five years whom she had married in a spur of the moment decision when she was only 20.

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The Sun reports that a few years after being married to her then husband, the marriage quickly began to crumble as she began to realise that she was in a secret-filled marriage.

Soon thereafter, Catherine filed for a divorce, but instead of what should have been a clean break away, became a years-long nightmare for Catherine.

Marc had disappeared off the face of the earth and the court refused to absolve her of the marriage without proof that she had searched high and low for her pain in the behind husband.

"He vanished off the face of the planet and I didn't hear from him or have any idea where he was," Catherine explains in this The Sun article. "I had to prove to the court that I have looked for him everywhere."

Finally after many years of trying to prove the absence of her husband Marc, she was granted the much anticipated divorce from him. 

This is when a very relieved Catherine decided to celebrate her divorce in style.

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"It had been years in the making but the day I finally got divorced, I decided it was time to celebrate with an incredible party for my new beginning," said Catherine in the article.

A chocolate cake that had the words "Straight outta marriage" boldly written on it as well as little cupcakes that were decorated with the lyrics to Beyonce's famous Sorry lyrics, "boy bye" and "I ain't [sic] sorry" were the cutest addition to this celebration.

Of course her supportive friends and family were also there sporting hilarious party props that read "we never liked him anyway" and "support crew" on them.

The newly divorced and elated Catherine reminds people to leave toxic relationships that don't serve their happiness, to learn from life's endless lessons and to move on positively to the future.

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Meanwhile, we're wondering, with all these divorce parties, photo shoots and wedding dress torching happening in celebration of divorces, will divorce parties become an actual thing?

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