A woman wrote an open letter to an Australian airway Jetstar on Facebook after being humiliated by a female flight attendant over her outfit.

28-year-old businesswoman Shoshana Strykert says she was going to visit her sick mother when she was “slut shamed” and told to cover up in front of fellow passengers.

She posted the outfit she wore on Facebook: beige wide-legged trousers, a black crop top and black sandals.

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“When I got onto the plane, the flight attendant told me that what I was wearing was inappropriate.

“She then told me “do you see any men walking around with their shirts off?”

Shoshana was then asked if she had a t-shirt to put on otherwise she would be given a blanket. 

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Relaying the mortifying incident, the businesswoman says she was so uncomfortable that another woman felt sorry for her and offered a jacket.

“Everybody on the plane was looking at me, I was so embarrassed and shocked,” she remarked.

Speaking to Gold Coast Bulletin she explains that she was wearing a bra underneath. 

“There was no cleavage or anything, only showed my stomach slightly. I don't understand it." 

She reported her experience to Jetstar a day later and was offered a $50 (R 687.59) travel voucher.

"You have every right to expect polite, friendly and professional service, whenever you fly with us and I apologise if this was not your experience," reads an email they sent her.

The young woman was not impressed however, “thank you Jetstar, for slut shaming me and then offering me this in return. I’m so disgusted,” she concluded her letter.

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It seems like Jetstar has a genuine problem with crop tops because this is not the first ‘crop top incident’. 

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Fitness blogger Ashy Bines blasted the company on Instagram last year after she was told that her workout outfit (which comprised of a workout crop top) was inappropriate.  

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