We got the most incredible response to our survey ever with just under 16 000 of you polled and the findings are compelling. 

Women were encouraged to complete 24 questions and stand a chance of winning R24 000 if all of them were completed. The winner was announced August 10th. 

As expected, most entries came through on mobile and entrants spent more than 3 minutes to ponder the questions.

After being promoted on the site, via newsletters and across Twitter and Facebook, many of our readers shared with us on social media, just how much the exercise challenged them to think about their lives in a very meaningful way. 

The goal was not only to give women across age, race and culture their own voice but to make sure that we’re always listening to what you really want from us as a brand.

We also had just shy of 500 male respondents as we didn’t disqualify men from partaking and 171 respondents who chose the non-binary gender option. 

We asked a lot of frank questions and you answered candidly. A handful include: are they happy in their jobs, do they squirrel away money, are they satisfied with their sex lives, do they share the household chores with their partners, are they sorry they had children, do they have faith in our government? 

We’ll be sharing the most fascinating insights into what you shared with us over the next few weeks so keep checking here and on social media - Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for all the articles. 

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