Okay, so every day we're told about new ways to shape, shave and mould our faces and bodies into better versions of itself. Heck, South Africa has become a cosmetic surgery destination of note!

But there are many, many scary and harmful treatments out there that we would rather avoid than try.

We all know the basics, like don't use products that are not suited for your unique hair and skincare needs. Like, don't use a volumising shampoo if you have mad curly hair, or don't use products you know will give your sensitive skin a bad rash.

Also, don't get super cheap gel manicures (the products often contain dangerous chemicals); and fight the urge to take some dodgy clinic up on their offer to give you "half off" on a cosmetic surgery procedure. They will leave you either butchered or infected, or both. Just don't do it.

Then, in recent years, we've seen a massive surge in trend-specific beauty treatments. For example, the ever troubling toe surgery. Yes, many women around the globe have decided that it's more important to fit into their uber-high stilettos than to have a pinky toe. Then, of course, there's the even worse calf Botox trend. A surgeon injects Botox into your calves in order to make them appear slimmer. Of course.

Here are a few more interesting beauty treatments we won't be trying - ever!

Thigh gap "surgery"

Thighs rubbing together when you walk? Sick and tired of being a human woman? Well, well, well, according to Jezebel you can now head on over to Texas, girls, where you can get the thigh gap of your dreams. Yes, a clinic called Thrive (go, figure) now offers women a cold laser type therapy called Zerona. It will shrink and melt away those fat cells in targeted areas - like your crotch! Ouch...

It's a non-surgical option that can potentially help you target parts of your body that you find very difficult to rid of fat. Some even use this treatment to slim down their ankles.

For now, we won't be lasering anywhere too close to our ladybits...

The Brazilian blowout

It promises smooth, effortless hair, but according to Beautyandtips.com and Minq this popular hair straightening treatment does more harm than good - it can even potentially cause rashes, shortness of breath and even cancer.

The occasional salon blowout is fine, but the chemicals used in this particular blowout are very dangerous. Ecowatch.com and the FDA has warned against this treatment, especially considering that hairdressers are even an even bigger risk than clients.  Apparently clients who regularly get these blowouts and the hairdressers who provide them, are at high risk of having kids with birth defects because of these particularly harmful treatments.

Waist training

Kim Kardashian and many other celebs swear by waist-training. But should you give it a go? Mmm, probably not.

Marieclaire.com says that waist training is basically like wearing a gut-cinching corset - yes, like the ones they used to wear back in the 14th century. The idea is basically to wear it long enough that your body starts to mould itself into a particular shape.

I mean really now. Is this not 2015?!

Squashing your ribs and lungs to appear slightly more shapely, might not the best idea, Einstein. Not being able to breathe properly or even passing out from the tightness of the corset, is also not ideal.

Apparently experts say that it doesn't actually work. It might appear to work at first, but this treatment won't actually help you to lose any weight what. So. Ever.

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