1. I will never go to sleep with my make-up on, no matter how tired I am. If I really don't have the energy to wash, tone and moisturise before bed, I will at least use a cleansing wipe to clean my face.

2. I will have my hair cut and coloured as soon as it needs it, rather than waiting another two months for the style to get totally out of control and the regrowth to be very visible. Always make your next appointment before leaving the hairdresser – and keep it. This will avoid last-minute rescheduling, which takes unnecessary time and energy, and causes stress.

3. I will do or have a regular manicure, instead of allowing the polish to wear off to a little speck in the middle of each nail.

4. I will look after my teeth and floss everyday. A great smile is an asset to my appearance. Remove stains by rubbing your teeth with slices of fresh strawberries or a few fresh sage leaves, or sprinkle half a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda on a damp toothbrush.

Did you know?
There are several new teeth-whitening treatments available. Ask your dentist to recommend an appropriate one.

5. I will wear sunscreen everyday, even though I work in an office and I don't think that my skin is always exposed to the sun.

Did you know?
A whopping 80% of all sun exposure is incidental – when you're walking around, driving to work or taking a break outside the office.

Beauty tip
The higher the SPF in a sun product, the oilier the cream generally is. If you are prone to break-outs, stick to SPF15 or less, or try a gel formula.

6. I will get plenty of sleep. My skin cells regenerate while my body rests, repairing damage done during the day and producing new cells. And I know what alack of sleep does to my eyes and complexion.

Did you know?
Studies have shown that sleep-deprived people have lower levels of a growth hormone that influences specific skin-growth factors such as the production of collagen and keratin.

7. I will exercise regularly. I love the natural glow that exercise gives my skin, and I know that in the long run it boosts circulation and improves skin elasticity and cell growth.

While regular exercise may improve the appearance of your skin, training outdoors also potentially means more sun exposure. Take care to protect your skin from the sun's harmful rays whenever you are outdoors.

8. I will not smoke. I've been told that the skin of a smoker is, on average, 40% thinner than that of a non-smoker. Smokers have far more wrinkles around their mouth (from puckering) and eyes (from squinting through the smoke).

9. I will watch what I eat. I will stop bingeing on sweets and chocolates and try to eat more raw vegetables and fruit, which are excellent sources of antioxidant vitamins. This is especially important because I am exposed to pollution and I need more antioxidants to help my skin fight free radicals. I will also cut down on alcohol. I have seen what a single night of bingeing can do to my skin, leaving it dehydrated and red.

Did you know?
Alcohol depletes the body's levels of vitamin B, especially folic acid and thiamine. In your skin, a deficiency will show as a sallow complexion, dryness, slackness and break-outs.

10. I will try to focus more on relaxing because stress causes my skin to behave badly.

Did you know?
The body releases adrenal or stress hormones, which bring about a number of changes in the skin, including blemishes and oily or dry patches.

11. I will invest in a good, nourishing moisturiser and eye cream, which are essential beauty products. I can save money on cleanser and toner. Good skin care does not have to be expensive, time-consuming or daunting. Before spending a fortune on the wrong products, you need to know your skin type. If you're not sure, consult a skin-care therapist or dermatologist.

12. I will extend my skin-care routine down my neck and décolletage, instead of ignoring everything below my jaw line. The thinnest skin is on my neck, the back of my hands, and around my eyes, so these areas need special attention.

Did you know?
The skin on the neck has relatively few fat cells and low supplies of sebum, making it prone to dryness and sagging. Like your hands, it reveals your age.

13. When I buy new foundation, I will test the colour outside in natural light. I will not waste money buying the wrong shade after testing it under the fluorescent lights in the shop.

14. When I tweeze my eyebrows, I will stop plucking before there is almost nothing left. Or, if my budget allows, I will get a professional to do it for me.

Beauty tip
If you have overplucked your eyebrows, trying to grow them out may result in unsightly stubble. With a brush, paint facial hair bleach onto the little hairs and it will disguise them until they grow back and you can give them a new shape.

15. I will get out of my beauty rut and try new make-up techniques and products. The wrong application of make-up or wearing outdated make-up colours and products can make me look older than I am.

If you're stuck in a beauty rut, try something new each month. For instance, try wearing lip gloss instead of your old cream lipstick. Substitute your liquid eyeliner with eyeshadow, applied as an eyeliner with a small, stiff brush. Or try using a cream blusher instead of a powder one.

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