1. Slim down
Fast fix If you've got wobbly bits to hide, invest in a good swimming costume that flatters your body shape and hides a multitude of sins.

Fairlady fashion editor Chu recommends keeping it practical. "Combine your bathing costume with a pretty tunic or sophisticated shorts for a look that works for you."

Take your time Sign up for a course of body treatments at a South African Association of Health & Skin Care Professionals(SAAHSP)- registered salon. Your therapist will draw up a realistic, tailor-made programme according to your specific goals.

Body treatments will improve lymphatic drainage, boost cellular renewal and improve the condition of your skin. Another option is the Ultrashape Contour 1, a non-invasive body-contouring treatment performed by a physician.

Studies show a reduction of two centimetres on average after one treatment. Best of all, there's no discomfort. Combine this with regular firming exercises such as squats and lunges for a slimmer shape.

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  • Thalgo Slim & Sculpt. Call 086 4111 4075 for a salon closest to you.
  • DibiBody 3D (011) 884 5300
  • Theravine Contouring Treatment (021) 886 6623
  • Guinot TechniSpa treatment (011) 305 1600
  • Algologie Detoxifying Treatment (011) 678 8869
  • Ultrashape Contour 1 treatment. Call (012) 349 1250 for a practitioner closest to you

    2. Shape up
    Fast fix Firm and slim your thighs and buttocks at the same time with Tevo's Lateral Thigh Trainer. The bio-directional skating movement (the pedals move up and down and side to side) targets muscles from all different angles, and the smooth and controlled motion is gentle on your joints. (Available from Sportsman's Warehouse and leading stores, or call Tevo on 0861 77 88 88 – R999,95.)

    Take your time Take the stairs, not the lift. Park further away from the malls and walk. Are you desk-bound? Tighten/release muscles in sets of ten. Simple changes to your daily routine will give you a firmer, shapelier derri貥re.

    3. Out with the old
    Fast fix Get rid of dull, scaly winter skin with thorough exfoliation. Exfoliation also boosts circulation, so your skin will look radiant and feel firmer.

    If you prefer dryskin brushing, always brush in an upward direction on your legs and in a downward direction on your arms to aid circulation.

    Take your time Regular use of products that contain hydroxy acids stimulate the skin to produce new cells.

    After a few days your skin will feel softer and look more hydrated. Over time, hydroxy acid creams also smooth fine bumps that appear on the upper arms, and even out colour.

    We love

  • Sh'zen Sugar Scrub for Body R129
  • AHAVA Uplifting Butter Salt R279
  • Woolworths Grapefruit Scrub R45
  • Harnn Botanical Tea Salt Body Polish (5 pack) R149
  • Innoxa Mineral Spa Sea Sand Exfoliator R89,95
  • Almay Tan Prep Exfoliator R79,95
  • Justine Body Caressance Rejuvinate AHA Body Cream R125

    In with the new
    Fast fix Exfoliate your feet, remove chipped nail enamel and then paint your toenails in a bright, summery pink, coral or red – your feet will look sandal-set in a jiffy.

    We love

  • Essie Nail Enamel in Jam 'n Jelly R65
  • Tip Top Nail Enamel No.24 R51,26 Lancôme Vernis Triple Tenue No.351 R125
  • Mavala Nail Color in Ipanema R45

    Take your time Winter feet need TLC – a week of intensive care followed by a simple daily routine will rescue the most downtrodden soles. Apply a rich, nourishing foot cream every morning and evening (before bed) and use a pumice stone every bath-time to remove the softened dry skin.

    We love

  • Clinique Water Therapy Foot Smoothing Cream R175
  • Shobalmi Rice & Soy Intensive Cream Mask for feet R190,70
  • Feet First Heel Balm R19,95
  • Crabtree & Evelyn La Source Extreme Foot Therapy R200

    5. Fix flab
    Fast fix For a more svelte shape, concentrate the intensity of tinted creams or fake tan along the tops of your arms and the outsides of your thighs.

    A skilled fake tan spray operator will be able to do this with ease. A little shimmer along your shins, your collarbone and tops of your shoulders also makes legs and arms look shapelier in a flash.

    Take your time Kathy McQuaide from the Sports Science Institute of South Africa says that to get lean arms you need to focus on three factors: a controlled diet, regular cardiovascular exercise and toning exercises for your arms. Good exercises include pull-ups, triceps kickbacks and floor push-ups.

    We love

  • Michael Kors Leg Shine R195
  • Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs R140
  • Elizabeth Arden Bohemian Bronze Sheer Body Shimmer R200
  • Almay Bare-It-All Legs R99,95

    6. Slim your ankles
    Fast fix With glorious summer sunshine comes not so glorious swollen ankles. A cooling leg gel or spray instantly relieves hot, swollen ankles. Most of these products can be applied on or sprayed over pantyhose, so they're quick and easy to use.

    Take your time Say goodbye to water retention by... drinking more water. Your circulatory system will function more effectively, so excess water is eliminated more efficiently. Exercise also decreases water retention.

    We love

  • Innoxa Cool & Calm Ice-cool Foot & Leg Mist R34,95
  • Acadèmie Acadayspa Light Legs Light Feet R365
  • Estée Lauder Body Performance Cooling Gel for Legs R315

    7. Fuzz bust
    Fast fix If you don't have time for a bikini wax, then try Veet's Hair Removal Shower Cream. It's designed to work under the shower so there's no annoying waiting time (water-resisting ingredients prevent the cream from dissolving too quickly when in contact with water).

    After three minutes, wash it off with the sponge provided and you'll have a perfectly smooth bikini-line.

    Take your time Go for a professional bikini wax. Waxing is the best long-term solution to a fuzz-free bikini-line; hair is taken off from the roots, so it takes longer to reappear.

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  • Veet Hair Removal Shower Cream R45
  • Mandy's Wax Strips for Bikini R29
  • Julienne Softfeel Wax Strips for Bikini R33,50

    8. Fake it
    Fast fix There's no doubt about it; wobbly bits look better when they're tanned. New fake tans give a smooth, realistic colour (without UV damage), but if you're apprehensive about doing it yourself, go for a professional spray tan; it's a great way to kick-start summer. Try Sudo Airbrush Tropical Tan for a professional salon spray tan. R200 – R250. Call (011)465 1094.

    Take your time The lighter fake-tan-and-body- lotion-combos should be applied daily so the build-up of colour is gradual and streak-free. A lower percentage of DHA (the tanning ingredient) is combined with moisturising ingredients for a smooth skin with an even, light bronze colour.

    We love

  • FACE: Olay Complete Care Everyday Sun-shine R69,99
  • Johnson's Holiday Skin Daily Facial Moisturiser R59,95
  • BODY:L'Oréal NutriSummer R74,95
  • RoC Hydra + Summer Skin R180
  • Nivea Body Summer Beauty R36,95

    9. Water works
    Fast fix Both oily and dry skin types need extra moisture in summer. Fine lines on your shins, arms and chest usually indicate that your skin is lacking water, and the fastest way to replace it is by applying a moisture-rich body lotion or cream.

    Fake tanning products are also known to dry out your skin, so be sure to moisturise regularly if you use one of these.

    Take your time Switch off the air conditioner and drink more water to replace what you've lost. Apply a hydrating mask twice a week to maintain the moisture level of your skin and ask your skin care therapist or consultant to adapt your winter skin care routine to a summer one that cuts back on oil but boosts moisture.

    We love
    Body moisturisers with aloe

  • Vaseline Intensive Care Aloe Cool & Fresh Light Moisturising Lotion R65
  • Johnson's Baby Soft Lotion Soothing with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E R20,45 The Body Shop
  • Aloe Soothing Body Lotion R65

    10. Face facts
    Fast fix Tanning your face may look healthy, but it's just not worth it. Gel bronzers for the face do the trick and have the lightest oil-free formulations so they can be used over your regular day cream without feeling oily or heavy.

    Take your time A high protection facial sun block with antioxidants is essential to protect your skin from the sun and free radical damage. The sun exacerbates the effects of pollution, so a sun protection factor alone is not enough.

    We love
    Face bronzers:

  • Kanebo Instant Natural Golden Glow UV R245
  • Clinique True Bronze Bronzing Gel for Face R190
  • Avon Arabian Glow Gel Bronzer for Face and Body R64,95
  • The Body Shop Sheer SunGel R85

    Face Protection:

  • Gatineau Melatogenine Anti-Aging Tanning Cream SPF 25 R250
  • Clarins UV Plus Protective Day Screen SPF 40 R350
  • Clinique Super City Block SPF 40 R150