The Amani Journey is an experience in sensation, adventure and relaxation which you and your partner share in privacy. You can go with your romantic love, or a sister, mother, close friend or anyone else you won’t be embarrassed to be mostly naked in front of. (Of course there are towels and gowns and you wear panties, but you don’t want to go through the experience clutching your towel and worrying about your modesty.)

Amani has luxury down pat. The softest gowns, slippers that feel like you’re walking on clouds, gorgeous scents and smells everywhere and a staff compliment that is highly trained with great people skills to set you completely at ease.

The Journey is an experience in contrast with hot and cold water, vigorous scrubbing and languorous steaming and is designed to cleanse, detoxify and hydrate. The process is as follows:

•    You enter an area of the spa that is private, dimly lit and cave-like which adds to the general feel of excitement.

•    VICHY SHOWER:  Salt body polish and strong streams of water to rinse it off – you lie on slabs while the therapist scrubs your body with salt, before water streams from a bunch of handshowers hanging from the ceiling.

•    CALDARIUM: For a steam cocoon experience to detoxify the body – inside the steam room there are hand showers as well as a large showerhead to cool you down if the steam gets too much

•    KNEIPP: Alternating hot and cold foot therapy to improve circulation – you sit on stone benches with your feet submerged in hot and cold footbaths. The sensation is strange if enjoyable, but beware, the hot water is very hot!

•    SAUNA: Dry, hot room inducing perspiration, assisting to rid body toxins.

•    AROMA MIST: Revitalising you in cool scented mist – this made us giggle like children and the minty scents of the steam was indeed revitalizing, if bitter on the tongue.

•    SENSATION SHOWER: An energising shower with various pressure settings.

Afterwards we were treated to the best back massage I have ever experienced. By the end of the two hours I barely knew who I was or what troubles I had.

This experience can’t be more highly recommended for any stressed couple that needs a bit of time out in their lives.

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