Okay we’ve gotta admit, it would be interesting to never again have to buy roll on -deodorants and expensive perfume. All you have to do is just swallow the pill and it guarantees that you will smell delicious.

Biologist Sheref Mansy and business partner Lucy McCrae from Swallowable Parfum came up with this novel approach to fragrance. Apparently, this pill works with your metabolism and slowly releases a fragrant smell through your skin when you sweat.

And because each person has a unique genetic code, no two people will have the same odour. It’s a rather cool concept, isn’t it? (Unless you smell particularly bad).

The product is, however, still in its research stages but Swallowable Parfum has already released an ad for it.

Take a look:

It is not quite the same as the anti-wrinkle pill which we covered recently, but I’m equally baffled. Would you try it?

Video credit: Coco Perez