International fashion weeks not only give us a peek into the clothes that will be trending next season, but they also give us a taste of hair trends to consider.

Here are 10 hairstyles we're sure will inspire many, many, many selfies:

1. Double french braid

Donned on and off the runway, this hairstyle is pretty easy to pull off and it requires only a small amount of hair extensions (if your hair needs the extra length).

2. Simple bun

This is my favourite hairstyle when my hair is relaxed. Fashion week embraced the bun in all its variants, including the high bun, the double bun and even the man bun.

3. Textured bangs

Who said bangs have to be straightened? Love it.

4. Blunt bangs

Or you could always go the traditional route, as seen in the Daizy Shely show at Milan Fashion Week.

5. Short textured cuts

Super chic and easy on the wallet.

6. Warm coloured hair

It seems hair colours that resemble autumn leaves are in.  Designer Jenny Packham's models showed us you can either go all out or just add a tinge of auburn to your 'fro.

7. Center-parted hair

A classic 'do, whether you're wearing your hair up or down.

8. Romantic waves

I'm yet to find out why they always call wavy hair romantic, but I like it. A style worth considering.

9. The messy look

When you can literally say "I woke up like this."

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10. Protective hairstyles

Autumn and winter can really do a number on your hair's health, so rather braid it or lace-front wig it and forget about it.

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