No, it really doesn't have to.

So that's why we still love the iconic hairstyle. According to Vogue, Ariana Grande's signature do (well, until she lopped it off), the high sleek ponytail was the trendy hair to have in 2018, and we couldn’t agree more. It’s a look that works for everyone.

From Queen Latifah, Kylie Jenner to Ciara and Ariana Grande...

The hairstyle can transition from day to night, and while it's a relatively laid back look, it can give you a super slick sophistication as it accentuates your cheekbones and let's your skin do the a lot of the talking.

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Whether you're working out, running some errands or going on a date, a ponytail can provide the best style solution to many situations.

But it's not without its pitfalls...

Here are some ponytail mistakes you may have been making:

Tying your hair when it's wet

According to celebrity stylist Linda Flowers who spoke to Total beauty, brushing your hair when it is still wet is a big no.

"When your hair is wet, it gets more like elastic, and, like a rubber band, it'll eventually snap when pulled or yanked” she said

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Making it too tight

If you've ever worn your hair in a tight high ponytail you'll remember that terrible headache it gave you. Dr.Denise Chou explains that even if you don't normally experience migraines, anyone can be susceptible to ponytail pain.

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You sleep with your hair in a ponytail

According to dermatologist Francesca J, wearing your hair tight night after night can damage your hairline. “If someone wore their hair tightly pulled back every night, traction alopecia could occur along the hairline” she explained to Allure.

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You don't  wash your hair bands

According to Insider hair bands and ties can pick up bacteria easily when they are in your handbag, gym bag or when they fall on the floor.

Therefore, to stay clear of scalp infections you need to keep them clean at all times and maintain hand hygiene.

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