A change is as good as a holiday, they say. Maybe it's a new job, a new city or even a new hairstyle? 

Why not update your look with hair extentions and say goodbye to your weave or wig for a while? Un-Ruly notes that crochet braids, in particular, have been trending of late. They're versatile and low maintenance. They are also a clever way to create new styles because you can easily add extra length to your natural hair this way.


TIP: Extensions shouldn't be kept in longer than two months. And full-head weaves that are sewn on must get track retouching every two to four weeks.

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So, ready to say goodbye to your weave? 

We asked some of the stylists at Frika to weigh in.

There are different methods to installing extensions, so they last longer and gives you the length and volume you want, such as:

1. Sewing

This is when wefts of hair are sewn into braided hair.

2. Interlocking: This is a variation of the sewing technique but without cornrows. Micro-thin wefts are sewn into your loose hair.

Interlocking allows for a knot free seamlessly fusion of natural hair to a hairpiece in such a way that you won’t be able to see the difference. 

3. Crocheting

We love this look so much. These braids have been influenced by the natural hair movement, Un-Ruly notes that "the textures used are more natural-looking and the styles created are styles that you’ll typically see a naturalista sporting (havana twists, braid outs, flexi rod sets; view more crochet styles here)."

Extensions are added to lose hair instead of sewing on the extension on a weft. Crocheting is easy to install and remove. 

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Which method is best for your hair?

The experts at Frika advise that if you have damaged or brittle hair that you stay away from bonding as this can also result in traction alopecia or balding in certain areas of the scalp. 

But sewing and crocheting methods are the best and safest options as they work well with most hair types.

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