Have you ever wondered why some people can effortlessly grow flowing locs and long hair, while you're still figuring out why yours won't cooperate?

There are seven reasons why your hair might not be growing, according to BlackHairHub.com; and we've listed them to help you figure out why your crown is taking it's own sweet time.


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Split ends 

Pretty self-explanatory. You'll find these starting at the tip of your hair strands due to damage from heat or chemical products. Your hair ends become brittle, and the split ends, if left untrimmed or untreated, can move further up the hair strand and make your hair look dry and damaged.

The only way to treat them is to snip them away. If you don't know how to do it yourself, it's best to visit your hairdresser so you don't cut off more than necessary. 

Emotional stress

When you are stressed or anxious, your body secretes certain hormones to help it cope.

As reported on the AnxietyCentre.com site, the body's "stress response secretes stress hormones into the bloodstream where they travel to targeted spots to bring about specific physiological, psychological, and emotional changes that enhance the body’s ability to deal with a threat"; and it's these hormones that can cause thinning and hair loss. 

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If you're visiting your hairdresser to move through hairstyles like no one's business, you need to stop.

Doing too much to your hair will tire it out and damage it. Instead of constantly messing with your hair - tying and untying it, and combing it every day - use protective hairstyles like braids to keep it looking tidy and limit the damage caused by over-manipulation. 

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Medical conditions 

Poor hair growth can be caused by numerous medical conditions, such as hormone irregularities and traction alopecia. In an article in the Daily Telegraph, Helen Foster reports that there are medical issues, like type 2 diabetes, that can show themselves in the scalp.

Consult a doctor and find out what the root issue is. 

Poor diet

You are what you eat - the same with your hair. We're sometimes so focused on getting the coconut oil into our hair roots, that we forget to eat right to promote healthy hair growth and strength from within.

According to StyleCaster.com, vitamins and minerals like vitamin B12, zinc, and iron are nutritional must-haves for growtn. Eat your eggs, avocados, nuts, and spinach, and trust that your hair will benefit from a good diet. 

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According to Science Daily, there is a particular gene that promotes hair growth and whether or not this gene is activated determines how hair grows.

As stated in the article, "scientists have been able to show that Lhx2 is functionally involved in the formation of hair, as hair follicles in which Lhx2 has been inactivated cannot produce hair. Moreover, the activation of the Lhx2 gene in hair follicles has been shown to activate the growth phase and hence the formation of hair. Thus, Lhx2 is a gene that is important for the regulation of hair growth."

If you're having trouble holding on to your hair, Organics has just launched a product range called Anti-Hair Fall with ginseng and almond oil.

Organics Anti Hair Fall shampoo

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Too much heat

Blow-drying and using hair irons causes damage, so you should avoid these methods as much as you can. Opt for air-drying but if you really must, ensure that your straightening irons and hairdryers are always at a heat level that's as low as possible. High heat will make your air brittle and stunt its growth. 

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