Kaley Cuoco recently dyed her hair (and eyebrows) bubblegum pink; and how we swooned...

From peachy pink to candyfloss-coloured, everyone is starting to resemble cupcakes. From bold to soft and muted tones, this is one of the most talked about trends of this year so far. And we couldn't be happier!

I recently went pink. After lusting after this beautiful light pink hue for months, I finally took the plunge, and the result was really pretty. Here’s why you should as well...

 - It's a demi-permanent colour which means it's temporary  - so why not try it? What's the worst that could happen? Have fun with it!

 - It's fashion-forward and adds a pop of fun, playful colour to your look - especially during this already dark and drab winter.

I must admit that, for me, it took some getting used to, and I felt like a bit of an imposter. See my frightened face below?

Luckily most people loved it, and I soon got used to co-workers calling me Gwen Stefani. It definitely adds a bit of punk-rock edge - especially if you dress head-to-toe in black.

I've gone the way of the cupcake. Eek! #lightpinkhair #pink #haircolour #thelobbyhairshop #thelobby

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Copy this look with Wella's Instamatic from Color Touch:

Wella Professionals predicted this trend journey and has launched a demi-permanent colour. That basically means that it washes out in about 24 shampoos.

Instamatic from Color Touch by Wella Professionals is the latest in-salon fashion colour – providing the epitome of trend-led results that are temporary and gentle, allowing us to experiment with our look whenever the mood strikes.

Image: Supplied

How it works:

Instamatic by Color Touch contains a new combination of dye molecules, as well as low ammonia and peroxide concentrate that results in a light, subtle colour.

The combination and chosen development time results in a dusty and muted, diffused colour finish. The colour remains on the outer layer of the hair to give a dusty and powdery look. Different finish effects can be achieved depending on the original hair colour and the length of time that the product is left on the hair.

Maria Castan, Global Scientific Communication Manager for Wella Professionals said, “The combination of new colour molecules and low ammonia formula creates a gentle, temporary color that beautifully fades. You will be able to update your look as often as you like.”

Ask your colourist about your hair colour options or contact Wella.

So go dark or light pink. Your choice. We really love the darker shade of pink model, Nastassja van der Merwe.