So I got the opportunity to test out actual, top of the range, real human hair extensions. You know, like the ones Hollywood actresses get.

If you missed the first article about how I got it, how long it took, what the results were and whether it hurt, check out this article:

From meh to mermaid: What’s it like to get hair extensions

I promised that I would tell you about more about how they look and feel, as well as maintenance.

Does it really look natural?

I can honestly say that people (even my own sisters and boyfriend) could not tell that I had extensions until I actually lifted my hair and showed them my roots.

Colour-wise, it blended in perfectly (and I have ORANGE hair). As for texture – the hair was slightly straighter than my own (it’s Chinese hair) and slightly thicker (my natural hair is very wispy) but it was really hard to distinguish between my own hair and the extensions.

How do you maintain it? 

I wasn’t quite sure how you’re supposed to wash, brush and style hair that has tape at the roots, but it turns out, you do it just as you would normally, just a bit more carefully. There are special brushes that you can buy, but my Tangle Teaser worked perfectly well.

And then you wait until they start growing out. Once they’re a centimeter or two from your scalp, you’re supposed to have them taken out and reapplied.

One of my extensions was about to come out (I am not sure what I did, but it involved a birthday party, a very late night and more wine than is advisable) and I just popped back into SCAR and Britney fixed it for me in minutes.

What happens when they grow out?

After seven weeks of thick, glorious mermaid hair it was time to remove the extensions as they were growing out.

I decided not to put them back in immediately, as I was keen to have my scalp back for a bit. The extensions looked very natural (like I’ve said) but when I ran my hands from my neck up over my scalp, it did feel a bit as if I had soft scales sprouting from my head. 

So I’ve opted to go natural for a bit – my own thin, shorter hair dries much faster and since it’s winter and I’m a lazy groomer I thought that would be better. Also, I missed head massages.

Unlike what I’ve heard about other types of extensions (and I’ve heard horror stories) easihair pro doesn’t damage your natural hair.

The solvent that dissolves the glue on the tape does leave your hair very oily so if you’re planning on removing them, it is advisable that you do it a day or two before an important event.

Unlike application, removal is pretty painful, since they have to pull very sticky things from your hair. If I do it again, I’ll take a couple of Panado or Myprodol beforehand to minimize the ouch.

Would I do it again?

Hell yes. Here is a quick round up of the pros and cons:


- Quick and easy to apply (by professionals) – amazing new look in under an hour

- Increases thickness and length instantly

- Looks 100% natural

- Totally reusable and durable

- Doesn’t damage your own hair


- It’s expensive

- If you’re tactile defensive the feeling of tape against your scalp might irritate you

- You can’t wash or brush your scalp vigorously (not that you should anyway)

Lili Radloff was given these extensions by easihair pro and it was applied for free by SCAR Hair in honour of their 13th birthday.

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