Earlier this year, Fashion Police host Kelly Osbourne stepped out with a fresh new ‘do, making a red-carpet statement with silver hair. Since then droves of celebrities and models have followed, bleaching and toning their way to achieve the perfect silvery hue.

Metallic tresses are obviously not for everyone - especially not those who prefer to go unnoticed.

Yet, if you are brave enough to try this look, be sure to read these 3 essential hair tips first:

1. Make sure your hair is as light as possible

When trying this look, make sure your hair is already very pale in colour. Your hair needs to be platinum or a very light blonde in order for the silver colour to take to your hair. If not, the dyeing process will be in vain.

2. Make sure you have the ideal hair length

Short crops are always best for trying bold hairstyles and colours. It’s best to try this with short rather than long hair as the silver tone can be rather intense – giving off an almost witch-like look on longer tresses.

3. Wear this look with minimal make-up

Refrain from wearing harsh make-up, like lots of foundation or red lips, with this ‘do. Let the hair ‘speak for itself’ as you go for nude, fresh-faced make-up and bolder black lashes or eyebrows.

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