Earlier this month, Canadian YouTuber Taylor R came up with the idea #FlowerVaseHair, which was inspired by Beyoncé and Rihanna’s floral Vogue covers, and posted a picture of her new hairdo on Instagram.

“Be truly groundbreaking this fall... wear florals,” Taylor captioned her post.

The Instagram model – also known as Tay Tay – created her look by using a plastic bottle and elastic bands.

“I basically placed a small water bottle on top of my head and wrapped all of my hair up and around it to create the shape,” she told Allure.

“I used elastic bands to create the vase shape, and then placed the flowers in the bottle creating that illusion.”

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Although the new hairstyle may look complicated to create, Tay Tay told the BBC that it only takes her five minutes to complete.

Since posting the snap of her crazy new hairstyle, other Instagrammers have been following the new trend, with one person using an actual vase instead of a plastic bottle to up the ante.

Will you be daring enough to try this new trend?

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