While some people can walk into a room full of strangers and immediately feel at ease, others will do anything to avoid small talk.

A London-based salon is offering a new service for those of you who’d rather skip the chit-chat.

‘Not Another Salon gives customers the option to choose a silent cut or colour when they book an appointment, Mirror UK reports.

Aside from hair-related queries during the appointment, this option promises no conversation whatsoever, Cosmopolitan reports.

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"In order for us to be a true non-judgment company we need to consider all our clients’ needs,” owner Sophia Hilton explained.

“With mental health issues on the rise, feeling comfortable to say when you need time out couldn't be more important."

Bauhaus salons in Cardiff, Wales have had a similar option available since 2015 where the salon offers a “quiet chair” to its customers.

This means no discussions about one’s busy week, the weather or holiday plans – just you, a mirror and your inner thoughts for the next few hours.

Sources: Mirror UK, Cosmopolitan