Let's just admit it - we all hate it when our wig (or weave) if it's not meant to be wavy or curly annoyingly goes frizzy at the ends or just tangles after a night out. But we like to play it cool and pass it off as just a carefree look.

Well, we really shouldn't have to put up with that considering the hair we buy is hella expensive. And not to mention that hair maintenance is super time-consuming.

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So how do we deal with this? Should you be ironing your inches every single day or is the magic trick simply investing in a good flat iron?

Local beauty vlogger Cynthia Gwebu's got a new unit from EvaWigs and she has all the answers.


Pro tip: Whenever you're planning on wearing a wig, get your hair plaited very flat, preferably in a straight-back cornrow style.

Now you're ready to flick that hair like Naomi Campbell!