The winter weather has descended on us, meaning we have to take extra care in ensuring our hair doesn’t dry out and wither.

While some efforts to retain moisture like air drying your hair or taking cold showers to preserve moisture may not be practical in winter, there are other efforts to try.

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These are quick refresher tips on how to keep your hair gleaming throughout the wintertime.

1. Trim your ends because split ends might be sucking the life out of your hair. 


2. Avoid washing your hair too often. For natural hair, the general rule of thumb is to wash once every week or two.

3. If you have colour in your hair, remember do intense moisturising.

4. Adopt hairline-friendly protective hairstyles.

5. Embrace co-washing and skip shampoo in some washes.

6. While the cold weather might put you off, it's important to wash your hair regularly. Dirt build-up will block out your moisture blessings.

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7. Feed your hair from within by eating Omega-3 rich foods like salmon.

8. Seal in moisture for longer by experimenting with hair oils.

How have you been keeping your hair healthy and moisturised? Tell us here.

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