After scrolling through some of my favourite accounts on Instagram, out popped this gem of a post.

And when I shared it with the team it left us wondering why we had never thought of it ourselves.

The post is partly captioned "Ps: whenever you see me wearing a doek, you know it’s a deep conditioning typa day. Yes, I’m wearing a shower cap underneath my doek, and yes - I’m at work like this." [sic]

While some have known the trick for a while and comments included:

"I do this all the time. On Sunday I put on my doek and went to a movie and dinner", to a totally relatable concern,

"I always (feel) so self conscious that people will hear the shower cap packet crunch under my head wrap", and a veteran's take,

"It’s the most effective AND efficient way of doing it! I even convince myself that I’m getting an extra heat treatment when I do it when it’s hot out", this is the rest of us...

"This is clever, I’m gonna start doing this!"

If you see me tomorrow, I'll be wearing a doek.

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