The extraordinary lengths these hairstylists go to keep businesses open amid coronavirus

17 March 2020
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An illustration of a woman in a hair salon. Credit: Getty Images
These are hair-raising times.

The beauty industry across the globe is taking the outbreak of coronavirus seriously, with hair salons taking precautionary measures to stay safe.

A UK student filmed what he termed a "strange moment" when his hair was cut by a hairdresser. Stephen Larkin says he was greeted by two hairdressers wearing white protective overalls who said they were "concerned about the spread of coronavirus" when he arrived at the salon for a hair cut.

The hairdressers wore full protective clothing including hazmat suits and face masks, despite his town of Linlithgow in Edinburg, where the salon is situated, having recorded no coronavirus cases.

The 26-year-old student nurse says it made him feel like he was getting ready to "have surgery".

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In Luzhou, China, protective measures extend further than what Stephen recorded. In one hair salon, hairstylists have found their own way of cutting and washing hair while still respecting coronavirus safety measures. The salon is using sticks with hair tools tied to their ends to avoid getting too close to customers.

The makeshift tools allow staff to work and still maintain the recommended social distancing.

Customers say the hairdressers also disinfect and carry out temperature checks on a regular basis.

According to the latest World Health Organisation report, there are over 80 000 confirmed cases of coronavirus in China.

Compiled by Phelokazi Mbude

SOURCES: Ruptly, South West News Service

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