So many people are throwing shade at Vicki Momberg on social media after she arrived to the Randburg court on Wednesday, 4 April to appeal her 3 years jail sentence conviction for verbally abusing black police officers in 2016, using racial slurs, reports EWN.  

After just a week in her jail cell, she reemerged to the public, sporting cornrows. And no, this was not a late April Fools joke, but rather Rachel Dolezal levels of 'what the... what?'

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Many called it 'cultural appropriation' while others simply laughed it off as a last desperate attempt to convince the public and the court she's not actually that racist, because she mos has a 'black hairstyle' now. 

Twitter responses that grabbed my attention:

But pardon me if I'm wrong but stealing from one culture to, in this case, save your own bum is not appreciation.

Referring back to an article I wrote on Twitter, cultural appropriation vs appreciation and racism; I'd like to revisit the point of significance. What is the significance of this hairstyle to her? Is it a tactic used by her to show that she, Vicki with the cornrowed hair, is a changed woman?

That her appeal should go through. Sympathy for the racist with the 'black hair'? 

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Of course, if this is the case, and her thinking, that she will get absolution by buddying up to the people she insulted, then she might be an even bigger bigot than originally thought. 

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