Many of us know that when the winter season creeps in it’s time to take extra care of our skin to fend of cracks and dullness, but so it is for our hair too.

It may seem like it’s as easy as installing braids until the flowers start blooming again, but the key things to pay attention to are moisture and hydration, and which styles are likely to keep your hair in that healthy state for the longest time.  

So if you’re trying to decide what winter hairstyles will weather the bitter cold, biting winds and dry air, we have a few suggestions for you.

Whether wearing them in twists or not, usually braids are the go-to protective style for winter, and it makes sense why most of us choose this timeless and versatile option.

Braids are often the inexpensive option that is suitable for every occasion. It’s also the hairstyle that coats your hair and helps it to retain its moisture, while giving you enough access to clean and treat your scalp.

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One way to go about this look is the bob braids Amandla Stenberg rocked.

Or longer strands like Thuso Mbedu:

A wig is the gift that just keeps on giving, truly. And in winter, a wig could be your best friend. A set of cornrows and a good wig cap underneath our wig will have you all set.

A wig will protect your hair from the dry and cold air while keeping you looking like you just stepped out a magazine.

Maybe big hair is something you would try, as seen on Dimma Umeh:

Or maybe you’ll alternate with a sleek look accessorised with your favourite head gear just like aunty Jackie Aina:

Braided or puffy, the sleek low ponytail is the one to have when going for simple look. The bonus is that it's easier on your hairline than the high pony.

Because dryness hits the tips of your hair first, a hair piece to extend your ponytail will also double as a way to protect the ends from getting parched.

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When you’re going to a black tie event, have an important business meeting or just want to add an extra touch of sophistication to your look, a good updo is the way to go.

Also, you can easily achieve various updo style without extensions.

But remember not to pull too tight because we’d all like to see your edges come summer.

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