Here are (5) reasons to pay close attention to when trying to determine why your hair is falling:

  • Poor diet or bad eating habits

– eating foods enriched with the proper amounts of vitamins and minerals are essential in growing and retaining healthy hair.

  • Aggressive manipulation  

-Tight braiding can cause traction alopecia

-Heat damage will make hair dry & brittle, causing breakage and thinning

-Chemical over-processing will make hair brittle and cause breakage

  • Overall Health & Medications

– a healthy body supports healthy hair growth.  Certain diseases, certain types of medicines and hormonal deficiencies can interrupt the hair growth cycle.  Talk with your physician and nutritionist to ensure that you are maintaining the best health possible.

  • Genetics

– we tend to inherit quite a bit of our body’s makeup from older family members (mother, father, grand and/or great-grandparents). If you are losing your hair, be sure to see if there are signs in your family tree.  However, be careful not to blame all of your hair shed on genetics.  Simply put, sometimes we inherit bad habits, not bad genetics.  If eating foods high in cholesterol, saturated fats, sodium and sugar are habits you’ve picked up while growing up, it is likely that those habits could be the reason you’re losing your hair.

How can I know my curl type?

I know... curl typing can seem a little confusing. But don’t stress too much. Here is the simplest way to figure it out: wash your hair, lightly remove most of the water by blotting with a towel leaving the hair slightly damp.  Grab the ends of a few ringlets and softly stretch and let go. 

If your hair looks like:

  • very loose waves (Type 1);
  • slightly more wavy but not curly (Type 2);
  • soft curls that look more like an “s” pattern (Type 3);
  • tight coils, appearing to look like a spring or “z” pattern (Type 4)