A Twitter user turned to this hashtag to promote her hair business. However, what sets her business apart is that instead of selling the hair for thousands of rands, she hires the weaves out at a lesser price due to its high demand. 

Of course, the post has raised a few eyebrows, with some questioning the risks, health hazards and durability of the business.  

These are a few other unconventional items for hire:

Hair and wigs

As seen on social media, this is a new trend with a potential of growing, but some are for this and others are against it.  

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Professional mourners

According to BBC News, a group of women in Ghana get paid to mourn at funerals. The article states that these women make a living off attending strangers’ funerals. The fee, however, depends on how big the funeral is.

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Hire a husband

If you’ve had your fair share of backlash from family and friends about being single, hiring a boyfriend might seem like the best option. In the movie The Wedding Date, single girl Kate Ellis hires a pretend-boyfriend to attend her sister’s wedding with her. Even though we haven’t seen or heard of any real life stories like this, it’s still bizarre. 

What other unorthodox things have you heard of that are for hire?