We chatted to Wella’s hair expert, Carl Isaacs about what hair trends we should be looking out for. Here’s what he had to say:

The hottest hair colour right now and who rocks it?
The runways of 2013 are filled with lots of natural looking hair colours, particularly dark and medium blondes. Cara Delevigne rocks this youthful colour right now.

How do you match your hair colour to your skin colour?
One should always choose your hair colour based on what suits your skin tone and eye colour. There are lots of hot colours out there but always remember to choose the one that suits you

Dark brown hair looks great with a golden skin tone and generally all skin tones. A rich chocolate colour is just ravishing. Blue black, black and violet hair colours compliment both pale and olive skin tones. Auburn also looks great with a light olive skin. Cherry red and other bold reds on a medium brown hair works on most skin colours to make it really stand out. Blondes work beautifully on both pale, peachy and darker olive skin tones. Lighten up your blonde using the lightest blonde for an icy Nordic glam.

We all want striking eyes, how do we choose a colour to with our eye colour?

When choosing a hair colour, look closely at your eye colour. Coppers and reds work nicely with hazel, green and blue eyes to enhance these spectacular eye colours. Brown eyes compliment many hair colours from copper, light brown to red browns. Blue and green eyes compliment cool shades, but darker chocolate shades make them pop too.

Should we change our hair colour in the different seasons and why?

I think women should update their look every second season to avoid hair damage and give your hair enough time between chemical treatments. As seasons change our skin lightens and darkens according to sun exposure, so in winter we need warmer colours such as reds, coppers and rich chocolate browns while golds are great in summer even on dark hair.

Why is colouring your hair at home popular right now?

In the current economic climate, we all want the best results at the most affordable price. Wella has done exactly this by introducing their Wella salon standard in colour, from home so you can now get a salon look at a fraction of the cost from home.

What is your top tip when colouring your hair at home to get the perfect salon finish?
Carl Isaac’s top tip is to use Vaseline around the hair line before colouring for a neat application. Fabulous colour all starts from the application.