From the bikini wax, to Havianas, to being a favorite to win the 2010 World Cup, Brazil’s international stock just keeps on rising. Now there is yet another Brazilian innovation to add to the list – the Brazilian Blowout. 

This non-damaging hair treatment uses keratin, the same protein that is naturally part of human hair, to transform frizzy curls into smooth, straight flowing locks.

Sound good? It certainly did to me. My hair somehow manages to cover all of the dreaded four F’s – fine, frizzy, fried, and flat. Years of flat-ironing it into submission certainly hasn’t helped matters.

I had been resistant to try straightening treatments and relaxers in the past because they always seem to have unnatural looking results. I’d prefer my hair not to look like pick-up sticks, thank you. There is also that awkward phase when new hair grows in and the bottom half of your hair is straight and the top half puffy…not attractive.

So, I’d resigned myself to spending an ungodly amount of time doing daily battle against my hair’s natural texture.

Enter the Brazilian Blowout. Claiming to smooth your hair without robbing it of its body or damaging it, the treatment is supposed to gradually fade away and after 3 months, eliminating the re-growth problem.

The procedure can be somewhat costly, but many salons offer deals for first-time customers. I found a place that charged about R1150, not bad considering other salons were charging upwards of R3800. 

I’m referring to it as a procedure, but it really should be called a process…it takes forever! First, my hair was washed what seemed like five times in a row. Then the solution was put on my hair. Then I waited for it to work its magic. Then my hair was blow dried. Then flat ironed like it has never been flat ironed before. Then washed again. Then blow dried once again. All told, the entire treatment took about 2 hours.

The results? Pretty damn amazing. My hair requires ZERO styling. Really, nothing. I shower and comb it and that’s pretty much it. It dries perfectly straight and frizz free. 

Of course there is one drawback (is there ever not?!), my hair is a bit on the flat side, and as anyone with cheeks on the fuller side knows, this can be less than flattering. So, when I want to give it a boost I flip my head upside down and give it a few shots with the blow dryer – a far cry from the painstaking ironing process I used to go through.

I imagine the results differ depending on the hair texture you start with, but from my experience, I’d say if you’ve got the cash to spare, give it a try.

One word of warning, make sure the solution used in the salon you choose is formaldehyde-free. Formaldehyde is a chemical that can irritate your eyes, nose, and throat and has been shown to cause cancer in animals. It is found in some versions of the Brazilian Blowout, so do your research before making an appointment and don’t be afraid to pester your stylist with questions. It’s never worth sacrificing good health for good hair! 

Salon Listing

Although the Brazilian Blowout is a full on craze in some countries, it is just starting to make its way into South Africa. Here is a listing of some salons that offer the treatment.

Carlton Hair International
Telephone: 021 555 1837/8

Tanaz Hair Body and Nails

Telephone: (011)786 2976

Palladium Hair Company
Telephone: 021 418- 2242/3 (Cape Town)
Telephone: 012 460 2242/3  (Waterkloof)

Fugo Hair Salon
Telephone: 082 062 1746

Would you pay more than R3000 to get your hair done?