A few months ago, when it was freezing cold and practically snowing (well, it was actually snowing on Table Mountain) in Cape Town,  but warm and tropical in Mpumalanga, I decided to pack my bags and take a little trip to Sabie and The Kruger National Park.

My boyfriend’s entire family would be joining us, and the plan was to spend a few days lounging by the pool in our bikinis.  The only problem? My legs - actually, my entire body hadn’t seen sun for months. Or the gym, for that matter. And I wasn’t going to be the loser lying next to the pool with all my clothes on.

So, I had to find a solution, and fast.

Now, I’d heard Leigh from Lipgloss is my life talk about her spray tans from a place called Glow Cape Town, and I’d seen the results. She’s much lighter than I am and had a great, natural brownness that I wanted. And it also happened to be the same time that Keeping Up with the Kardashians reruns of Kim getting spray-tanned in her shower was showing, so obviously all the signs were there. I had to book an appointment, ASAP!

So I called up Tamryn Jeffries, the owner of Glow, and that night she pitched up at my house, with all her gear ready.  Yes – that’s the best part – if you don’t have time, or the energy to go to her studio to have it done, she’ll come to you (for a R100 extra) and do it in the comfort of your own home.

I was so nervous – although I love Kim K, I really didn’t want to look orange. But Tamryn, who is such an awesome person, made me feel super comfortable with the whole process. Firstly, the product is a high quality water based product that won’t make you go orange. And, you choose the shade that you want. There are three shades – 6%, 8% and 12%. Being olive skinned I decided to go with the 8% which wouldn’t be too light or too intense.

Secondly, the whole process takes about five minutes. So convenient! Tamryn tells you where to put your hands, arms legs and everything else – so there’s no chance that you’ll encounter anything like that episode from Friends where Ross gets confused and ends up looking like Tan Mom.

The result?

The tan was so natural – this is what I looked like back in the day when I actually had a few months of holiday at the end of they year! And no one could see that it was fake – but everyone noticed “something different”. Oh and it sommer covers your cellulite too! You basically end up looking like an airbrushed version of yourself, and who doesn’t want that?

Also, it lasted so long. It’s expected to last at least 6-8 days, but after two weeks I was still brown and glowing! It all depends on how you take care of the tan – if you’re careful, it could last ages. But if you’re not it will last roughly 10 days – which is still a long time.

Glow Cape Town is situated in Claremont and a session costs R180. But, If you want them to come to you, you’ll have to dock up to R280. Tamryn also does group bookings at a discounted rate, so if someone is getting married or a bunch of you are going away to a tropical island, you could do that to kick it all off!

After this Winter (which seemed to go on for-freaking-ever) I’m defs going to be calling up Tamryn again, especially since I went out and bought myself TWO new bikinis yesterday – and I’m not appearing in them with white flabby skin.

Bring on the glow!