It's becoming the year of gender benders. 2011 has been marked by guys wearing stilettos, men in women's clothes, male models mimicking Marilyn Monroe and Lady Gaga switching sexes. So does that mean it’s okay for guys to wear nail polish?

I guess if Johnny Depp decides to, the answer is yes.

This could be kinda cute yes? I mean, on the one hand, Mr. Depp could have been playing "dress up" with his 12-year-old daughter and she painted his nails. There's something undeniably swoony when you picture that image, isn't there?

On the other hand, Piet from the corner store could pick up on the idea and start borrowing pink nail polish from his girlfriend's make-up bag. Also, didn't the metrosexual fad fade a few years ago?

So I'm curious to know… are men who wear nail polish attractive?