Do your eyes regularly put the "puff" in Diddy's name? And how often do you experience eyeshadow slide? What about regular blemishes or dark circles?

Thing is, Panda eyes, zits and puff face can all be dealt with using concealer.

You've probably been advised to buy concealer before, but have never really understood how to use it properly to achieve optimal results. 

Yes, you know you must apply it on your dark circles, but you've never been quite sure whether to apply it before or after foundation. Or in what direction (outwards or downwards)?

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So without further ado, let's get into what shade of concealer to buy for your specific needs. 

Dark circles and bruising: Orange or peach 

Blemishes and red spots: Green 

Uneven skin tone: Yellow

(For more colour correcting guidelines, read here)

Puffiness: Opt for a concealer that is a shade lighter than your foundation.

Contouring and highlighting: A shade lighter for highlighting and a darker shade for contouring


Now that you know which shades to go for, it's time to get you even better acquainted with this makeup essential:

1. Foundation first

You know what they say about building things on a solid foundation? Well the same applies to makeup.

If you want the best results, apply your concealer after you're done with your foundation application.

Experience has taught me that this also means that you end up applying less concealer (yay!) than you would have if you put it on first.

2. One direction is not just a band name

Yes, the direction in which you put concealer on matters. Draw an inverted triangle with your concealer brush from the base of your eye towards your cheeks. You can also draw the same inverted triangle lines on your chin and cupid's bow.

Oh, and on your forehead too just to get some Illuminati conspiracy theorists talking.

Just kidding - doing this gives your face an overall lifted appearance. 

3. Blending is key

Local beauty vloggers such as Mihlai Ndamase and Cynthia Gwebu have demonstrated how the best way to blend concealer is by using a beauty blender. However, if you don't have one, you can also use wedge-shaped sponges because they can reach corners just as well as a beauty blender.

Always blend outwards for a crease free look.

4. For those pesky pimples

Conceal pimples with green concealer, because, according Stylecaster, it cancels out the redness of pimples. Once you have done this, you can then cover up with a concealer in your skin tone. You can do this before you apply your foundation too. Make sure you use different sponges to apply each concealer so that the bacteria from your annoying little friend doesn't spread.

5. Prime your eyelids

If eye shadow primer isn't something you want to spend your money on (because same, girl. Same) then use your concealer to prime your eyelids before applying eyeshadow. Finally, no more creased or messy eyeshadow that just won't stay in place.

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6. Bye bye panda

This is where the orange concealer comes in (for those dark circles) and if you watch this tutorial you'll see that it's okay to apply concealer first in this case. Use your ring finger to apply this concealer just before you apply concealer in a natural skin tone.

And to give your eyes life after long nights of studying, working or partying, apply a concealer of a lighter shade on the inner corners of your eyes, the mid-section and directly below your brows. Blend gently.

7. Did someone say eyebrows?

If you watch enough YouTube makeup tutorials, you probably know this one. Using concealer to create an outline around your brows once you've filled them in gives them a much cleaner appearance.

8. Makeup oopsies? Sorted.

Did your mascara smudge a little? Lipstick bleeding? 

Just dip a cotton bud in a bit of concealer and wipe away the mistake while you cover it up at the same time.

9. No more puffy eyes shared a very handy tip for dealing with puffy eyes. Combine your eye cream (optional), concealer and liquid highlighter in equal parts to create a miracle "cure" for puffiness. Apply this concoction under your eyes right up until your temples. Poof! Gone.

10. Don't forget to finish with powder

Loose powder helps your concealer set. Always powder where you have concealed.

Without loose powder, the above nine tips and tricks won't be as effective as they should be.