This South Korean makeup artist’s optical illusions have gone viral.

Dain Yoon, a student at the Korean National University of Arts in Seoul, paints her face and hands to blend into the background of her pictures, Daily Mail reports. 

The 24-year-old first started posting her incredible illusions on Instagram in 2016.

Dain, who’s appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres show, decided to create the illusions using her own body because her models struggled to pose for such a long time.

“Somewhat out of necessity I decided to start drawing on my own face because the actors didn’t really have the patience to sit still for three to 12 hours as well as the belief that the face is the most powerful and sensitive part of the body where I can deliver the most delicate emotions,” Dain said in a recent interview with Metro.

“To me, the most powerful medium is the face, as it’s the first focal point during conversation.

“And since I only have one face, it meant I only had one canvas in the world to best express my individuality.

The young artist revealed she draws her inspiration from her daily life, Tetty Betty reports.

“Anything in life can become my inspiration as long as I’m able to take on a unique perspective,” Dain said.

“That said, what’s consistent in my work is the exploration of the multifaceted ways that express a person’s diversity.

“A lot of people seem to think illusion means tricking people into something but I don’t think of it that way.

“I believe in a much broader concept, that anything that seems slightly different from its original form could be an illusion.

“Everyone is free to feel what they want to feel from my work. I don’t try to squeeze out a specific emotion, but I want my work to be a stimulating experience.”

Sources: Daily Mail, Metro, Tetty Betty