Modest style is being embraced the world over; and beauty giant CoverGirl has decided to join the movement. The U.S. cosmetics giant recently proclaimed Muslim beauty blogger, Nura Afia, as an ambassador for its “So Lashy! Blast Pro Mascara”, as part of its #LashEquality campaign.

The campaign, which aims to encourage diversity, sees Nura dressed in full hijab, including a headscarf. This marks the first time in CoverGirl’s history that a hijab-wearing woman is featured in its campaign – let alone on a billboard in New York City’s Times Square!

Nura appears alongside fellow beauty blogger, James Charles, the brand’s first “cover boy” in its 58-year stretch. The incorporation of both makeup gurus demonstrates the recognition of beauty enthusiasts as individuals of various genders, religions and races.

Nura, a mother and wife, hosts a much-loved YouTube channel frequented by a whopping 215 000 subscribers and counting. She began watching YouTube videos to pass the time during her daughter’s infancy, when there were very few Muslim beauty bloggers. She also has a massive Instagram following. 

When speaking to Refinery29, Nura explained that as a young girl, she experienced a lack of self-esteem when wearing the hijab. She decided to join the campaign in the hope that her daughter will be raised in an era where she can follow her aspirations, irrespective of her appearance.

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Twitter and Instagram have been abuzz with the news of Nura’s involvement in the #LashEquality campaign. A swarm of women and enterprises alike, among them modest fashion and Halal skin care brands, took to social media to express their joy and admiration. 

Nura ignites the realisation that Muslim women’s beliefs and attire do not deem them less worthy of representation in an industry that has historically promoted a very narrow idea of beauty.

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