Just when we thought we heard it all when it came to makeup and beauty hacks, online beauty MUA Ashley Blue DuDFrancesco uploads an Instagram video of herself using ice as a beauty blender and primer. I know right, definitely thought this was a pretty "cool" make up trick too.

The beauty blogger explains in her caption how using ice works as a wonderful primer, and that it shrinks pores. 

All you need is water, an ice tray, and well a freezer. That way you get to save some coins whenever you have to put off that next trip to Dischem or Clicks.

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How to use: simply rub the ice cube all over your face before you apply your concealer, foundation, and other products. And then, say goodbye to those pesky pores and wasting money on unreasonably priced primers.

My second favorite hack has got to be the Kool-Aid Lip stain; basically using Kool-Aid to create an absolutely popping lip colour. This too is crazy affordable and simple to do. 

How to use: Wet your lips slightly with a little bit of water and then apply the powder for a matte effect. However, if you're going for a more glossy look, apply a bit of lip balm instead of water before dabbing some of the Kool-Aid gently on your lips, adding less or more for the desired shade of lip colour.

BTW Cherry flavoured Kool-Aid gets you the rubiest red. Thank me later.

Our next hack was adopted from beauty product queen, Huda Kuttan, the founder of Huda Beauty. The makeup mogul uses fruit for a quick and on the go glow, yes that's right, fruit. 

"When I’m traveling and my skin needs a little lift, I take real orange juice, I put a cotton ball on it, and I rub it all over my face. It instantly adds a little bit of a glow. It’s a really simple thing.” she tells Celia Shatzman, in an article published on Forbes.

So next time you're looking for a healthy and affordable glow, don't look any further than your fruit bowl.

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How to use: use a cotton ball to swab freshly squeezed orange juice on to your face. This will leave your face feeling and smelling fresh plus it's natural. It doesn't get any better than this.

Out of make-up remover? Don't sweat it. Once again your kitchen can come to the rescue. Olive oil makes the perfect make-up remover, and by the way, also has a number of great benefits for your skin. Not only is it a miracle moisturiser but according to this article published on Allure, it is rich in antioxidants making it a staple in any beauty hackers DIY kit.

How to use: use cotton ball dipped in some olive oil to gently rub makeup off the skin, taking extra care around your eyes, so that you don't damage the delicate skin around that area.

And for those moments where you can afford a little more on your makeup, freshening up your skin or creating amazing beauty looks here are some options that are totally worth the extra cash.

We first saw actress Drew Barrymore rave about this amazing Korean face mask called Hanacure on her Instagram last year. And it basically went viral from there. This face mask helps tightens your skin to achieve a brighter and firmer complexion with smaller pores - so basically, a mini face lift in the comfort of your own home. All this and more benefits available to you for only $108 (R1527.85) 

How to use: The kit includes three items — a lifting serum, a gel solution, and a brush — that should all be mixed together. After popping open the serum's cap, you pour it into the solution's pod and shake for about 20 seconds.

The mixture, which should have a gel-like consistency by now, is ready for application. Here's where the brush comes in: Begin painting the treatment onto your face, covering everything but your eyes and mouth. Once completely coated with the jelly, let it dry for about a half hour.

The results can look freaky before you wash it off. Don't panic though!

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Let's be honest, the price for this Giorgio Armani foundation might seem absolutely outrageous, selling at $64 (R905). It is definitely worth each penny. It helps to sculpt and brighten and gives buildable, medium coverage that improves texture and blurs imperfections. Bonus, it comes in 24 shades to match a lot of skin tones.

How to use: use a blender brush for a radiant and airbrushed look.

Dr Barbara Sturm's MC1 blood moisturiser, uses the owner's literal blood as an ingredient in the product. Your blood is extracted and the plasma in it is then added to the moisturiser for you to use. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Hailey Baldwin swear by this beauty hack.

How to use: basically swab the blood infused product over the face (or other body parts), leave on for about thirty minutes and wait for the desired effect to kick in.

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