We all know that makeup and all its tools tend to be a bit on the pricey side, so we're always ready to welcome any money-saving tips available to us.

But what if that cost-effective alternative means parting with your luscious locks?

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Twitter user @Maliciousstaurus recently posted a video of a young woman who cut off a long piece of her beautiful hair to make a makeup brush. After she cut it, she attached it to the backside of a pencil, and I must admit, it makes a pretty convincing brush. 

She's certainly braver than I am for parting with her hair so easily! Many women have an emotional attachment to their hair, so cutting it can sometimes be a battle that is hard to face - except if it's for a good cause. But is it okay to use your air to apply makeup? 

In an article posted on Teen Vogue, dermatologist, Joshua Zeichner explains that it is safe to use human hair as a makeup brush as long as the hair is clean and no chemicals have been used on it because, "our hair is possibly full of styling and coloring products that shouldn't come near our face". 

However, many people thought of the hack as impractical because even though you could save money on makeup brushes, you would probably have to pay to get your hair fixed. Another con to this hack is that it doesn't cater for curly hair, and I don't think I'll ever be ready to even turn my own hair into a great blending sponge. 

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For those of us who are not into going to the extreme to save a bit of coin, here are a few places you can get affordable brushes. 


Urban Beauty United foundation brush available at Clicks for R105


Glitter Brush set available at Zarsttra for R141


Unicorn Brush set available at Iconix for R199


Glamouriche rose gold 7 piece brush for R195

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Tan time Lottie London brush available at Edgars for R155


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