Contrary to popular belief, not all women know how to apply makeup. And I'm not even talking Kim Kardashian levels of contouring here. I am talking the basics.

"On which area of my face should I apply bronzer?"

"I can never get my lipstick to stay inside the lines!"

"Where do I even start with applying foundation?!"

Sound familiar?

So if you're struggling with makeup know-how, or lack thereof, this is your time to brush up -  quite literally. And you will be looking fierce in no time, girl.

Go from makeup fool to makeup fundi with these easy to follow makeup GIFs: 

Gif source: The CW

How to apply blush:

Gif source: Tumblr suggests that you SMILE! Do a fake smile.

Then apply some blush two fingers away from your nose - basically, the apples of your cheeks. Then proceed to brush and blend the blush up past your temple and into your hairline.

How to apply bronzer:

Gif source: NY Mag

NYMag stresses that the application of bronzer should always be very light in nature. Dip your brush in bronzing powder, then lightly stroke some bronzer onto the cheeks. Continue this light motion, by stroking the product onto the temples, forehead, down the center of the nose and onto the apples of the cheeks. Be sure to blend well.

Our top blush and bronzer of the moment:

CHANEL Creation Exclusive Sunkiss Ribbon – Limited Edition, R885 and the Clarins Bronzing Duo SPF 15 Mineral Powder Compact, R395.

How to apply foundation:

Gif source:

Start by applying foundation to your nose and work your way outwards. Use a foundation brush for best results. Then, if you wish, seal the look with some light translucent powder.

Go here to see how you can conceal imperfections (especially underneath the eye area).

We've tried: Revlon PhotoReady Two-Way Powder, R299.

What I most like about the Revlon Colourstay Foundation is that it blends evenly with my skin tone (which is naturally rather blotchy). It’s light enough for my skin to breath but concentrated enough to cover up any dark spots or areas of my face that other foundations don’t seem to match well with. - reviewed by Caira-lee Durand

Lancôme Foundation, Teint Miracle, R 535.      

It promises an instantly flawless and luminous complexion, as if lit-from-within. That it delivers. One of our very favourite foundations of all time.

How to fill in your brows:

Gif source: Buzzfeed

Always start at the bottom and work your way up and outwards. Buzzfeed stresses the importance of creating an ombré effect, i.e. darker at the base of the brows.

How to apply lipstick:

Tend to apply lipstick like this?

Gif source: giphy

Rather have an Adriana Lima moment...

Gif source: Idiva

Try not to apply too much. Steer clear from applying lipstick to the utmost inner layer of the lip. The less lipstick there is, the smaller the risk of it rubbing off onto your teeth. One of the easiest and perhaps best known ways to avoid lipstick-stained teeth, is to put your finger in your mouth, close your mouth around your finger and pull through. This will allow all the lipstick that is on the inner part of your lip to rub off onto your finger and not your teeth.

See? Easy-peasy.

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