While this one sounds down right risky since relaxer is the type of chemical that can result in some serious burns, especially when used on a sensitive scalp, just image your face - and so close to your eyes for that matter!

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We can't help but look at the visible and, dare we add, beautiful results that this Twitter user had after she had relaxed her own bushy brows that now adorn a chic and shiny new look.

While it isn't the greatest idea to adopt, risky beauty tips from Twitter or any other social media sites, this was a beauty tip well worth looking into.

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Here are pictures of her before and after.

Looks gorge right? We know!

However, I know what you're thinking - what are the chances of losing all your brows or ending up with eyes on fire?

Probably pretty good.

And so for our peace of mind, and yours, we spoke to dermatologist Dr Nomphelo Gantsho and she gave us the 411 on using relaxer on your brows:

Is it safe to use relaxer on our brows?

"Chemical relaxers are alkaline products and you should not put them near your eyes or on the sensitive skin of your face, so I strongly advise against it."

What are the consequences of relaxing your brows?

"The chemicals used in the process [of making relaxers include] sodium hydroxide, lithium hydroxide or guanidine hydroxide. These chemicals can lead to severe consequences, including chemical burns, irritation, eyebrow damage, breakage and loss."

Is there an alternative way we can achieve softer and smoother eyebrows?

"If you have coarse eyebrows you could try trimming or threading them, alternatively combing them gently frequently can help straighten them over time."

But what does a brow technician have to say? We spoke to Robyn-Jade a professional brow technician, she had this to say.

"I would not recommend it. In my opinion, it is probably the quickest way to lose your brows. Relaxer is a very strong chemical compound which can cause extreme damage to your hair, whether it's used on your head or your brows.

The best way to achieve silky soft brows is simply to get them trimmed and taken care of regularly by a professional."

So there you have it, it's a no from industry professionals.

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