The makeup artist behind the @paintdatface Instagram account has recently come under scrutiny for a makeup look which transformed a white model into a black woman.

The look was achieved by using dark foundation, giving the white model darker eyebrows, darker contact lenses, lipstick which created the illusion of fuller lips and a headwrap - an accessory not usually associated with Western culture.

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This transformation was posted on Instagram with a disclaimer (probably because the artist knew exactly the wrong she was doing) about how the makeup was in no way a race change, but rather a celebration of other cultures.


And it should come as no surprise that followers of the account were not buying any of it, pointing out how using makeup to turn a white woman into a black woman is not only an insult to people of colour, but is an explicit display of blackface.

@paintdatface made its Instagram private for a brief period shortly after some adverse reactions on social media. It is now public again, yet the controversial picture has been removed by the account.

Perhaps the makeup artist has realised that imitation is not the sincerest form of flattery in this instance. And that you should avoid stereotyping other cultures when "celebrating" them.