The artist, Tutushka, from Nikolaev, Ukraine, has been a professional make-up artist for 15 years and started her journey into make-up art by winning a lip art contest.

Tutushka has amassed thousands of likes on her pictures and has almost hit 50,000 followers on Instagram by sharing her creative designs.

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Speaking about how she turned her passion into a paying job Tatushka says, “In the beginning I was doing this for myself, but then People liked it and I started to get the orders from companies. Then it got serious when I received an order from a company producing nail polishes and lacquers to decorate their exhibition stand in as an advert for their new collection.”

Her ideas can come from anything and new designs are always at the forefront of her mind to increase her ability in creating new works to show off to her followers.

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“New ideas can come from anywhere. If I see a beautiful flower it becomes a design and the same if I see a wild animal. Even if I have a dream about something, Paris for example, I can use that as inspiration for new Lip art. The most difficult part is making sure that all the lines I draw are thin and when I draw them my hand should be very steady - I cannot even breathe,” she says.

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