Romanie-Jade Tulloch from Nottingham in the UK often looks like she’d be right at home in one of Picasso’s cubist works, having spent hours converting herself into an abstract work of art.

Her creations range from making her head look like it’s split into two halves to making her face look like it’s melting.

The 19-year-old revealed that the time taken to create each design varies but, on average, a full face transformation can take between three and five hours.

Having studied fine art in college, Romanie-Jade – who’s known as RJ – became interested in the medium of illusions, which forms the basis for most of her creations.

Her incredible work has seen her build a huge following, racking up more than 100 000 followers on Instagram.

make up

"Illusions create such a confusion to an onlooker, and I have to admit I find it really entertaining when someone is confused by the work I've done when in reality it’s a simple concept,” she says.

"I’m honestly overwhelmed by the support from so many.

"There’ll always be a few negatives, but the positives definitely outweigh [them].

"I think that make-up can be interpreted in different ways, and I feel many are starting to realise that you don't necessarily have to use make-up to look or feel pretty.

"It can be used to just express yourself and your creative side, and I really hope more people will see that message come through in my work."

Going forward, RJ hopes to continue inspiring others with her designs. She intends to turn her passion into a business going forward and recently secured a loan to do so.

"I hope to continue inspiring others to express themselves with make-up, and to realise there's no right or wrong way of using it when it comes to art,” RJ said.

"I would love to see more people using make-up as a form of art in the near future."

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