Netflix's movie Bird Box featuring the astounding actress Sandra Bullock has got everyone talking.

And knocking their heads against walls and windows. Channel24 reported that people have been so taken by the movie that they've been inspired to replicate the film where Sandra Bullock's character spends the length of the movie blindfolded. Streaming service Netflix even begged people to stop doing the #BirdBox challenge.

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What's the thriller about? A sudden wave of terror that spreads to the US, results in a young mother, Malorie played by Sandra, venturing into the unknown blindfolded and accompanied by two young children...

Since it first aired, it's broken records (45 million subscribers watched Bird Box in the first seven days) and we've seen countless tweets about the film as well as a bunch of super hilarious memes that have had us rolling on the floor with laughter.

In our fashion eyes, the best reaction to this Netflix blockbuster however has got to be these super sweet makeup works of art.

SPOILER ALERT: Take a peek from under that piece of fabric you've tied around your eyes but don't read the text or captions for each makeup look below.

This look features the birds that allowed Malorie and the kids to hear whenever the unexplained suicide-inducing "airwave" was near.

While this one showcases the entranced hazy eyes that came as a result of having been ensnared by the deadly airwaves and of course the signature bird in a cage.

And this one features the infamous line from the movie "Everyone must see".

These MUAs have gone all out.

Isn't it amazing what you can do with makeup?

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