I love my body.  From the port in my neck, which helped keep me alive during chemotherapy, to the huge scars I have when the doctor removed the tumor growing out of my ovary.

My stomach looks like a drooping face and I have a plastic gadget in my neck which stands out and preventing me from wearing low-cut tops or any of the beautiful chunky jewellery, which I love to buy and keep in my drawer to look at.  

I look at the beautiful swimming costumes and two-piece bikinis, but rather buy a pair of swim shorts and a t-shirt to swim in, but I am happy because I am alive.  My bum seems too big and my legs are too short and fat – but I love it all – because its mine!

Our perception of perfect is hugely affected by the media, TV, movies and fashion houses. But to me, ‘perfect’ is what God gave you to work with. Accept the perfect body you have and you will be much happier.  

In our attempts to look like someone else, we waste time.  Just like everyone can’t be CEO’s or fantastically rich, not all of us can be picture-perfect.  What we forget, is that the media can edit pictures – so the “perfect” they sell us is completely fake.

Respect your body and yourself enough, not to try and be someone else!  It is much too easy to write someone off because they don’t fit into your perfect world – you are missing out on so much in life.

This article is a reader's response to Marisa Crous's newsletter, Why we should stop hating ourselves.

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