I am a 38 year-old woman and I have been using the 3-part Bt-cocktail skincare system for 4 weeks now and the difference in my skin has been amazing.

Bt-cocktail comes beautifully packaged  in 3 colourful tubes numbered Energy 1,2 and 3. (They look cool in your make-up bag or bathroom with a funky design and different colour on each tube).

I noticed a difference in my skin almost straight away when I started using the product.  This is incredible for me – it normally takes a few weeks before I notice a difference in my skin when using a new product. My skin just looked luminous from Day two. It glowed and seemed much smoother than usual. These rapid, long lasting results happen because the product (Energy 1) contains Vitacell®, an ingredient which increases cellular respiration and oxygen consumption by 57.7% and allows for 65% ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) synthesis within a six hour period. This causes an immediate improvement in the appearance of the skin.  ATP fuels all cellular functions of life It is the biocatalyst for all cellular activity including DNA replication, oxygenation and respiration to the cell, muscle movement, and neurotransmission.

Due to a rather hectic job, I keep late hours and drink almost every night of the week (I review restaurants and have to eat and drink almost permanently!)  and as a result my skin was starting to look very dull and my pores were enlarged. This product has completely reversed that effect. Bt energy 2 Contains the most powerful antioxidant to date – ergothioneine -  which protects skin cells against damage due to free radicals; which when left unchecked will cause a chemical reaction that eventually degrade the nucleus of the cell. It also repairs the cells by stimulating elimination of excess toxins

Bt Energy 3 Contains two active peptides within an ingredient compound called Syn Tacks, which enhances structural support to the cells, thus improving barrier functions. It also, works with cell
signaling and cell differentiation. It decreases protein breakdown and DNA damage by improving cell defense systems. It also protects living cells against chronic effects of solar radiation, free radicals and the skin’s immune system with ergothioneine. So the product protects your skin from the sun and external factors which makes a big difference living in South Africa where exposure to the sun really damages your skin.

You apply the products in 3 easy steps: Apply Energy 1 after toning, to face, neck, and décolleté. Follow with Energy 2 and Energy 3.  You will see your skin glow right away. The effect is immediate.

You are meant to use the product for 45-60 days 4 times a year instead of a regular skincare routine to boost your skin at a cellular level.