Drink mimosas (with or without the OJ), not water

A bit unorthodox yes, but every bit helps! I am personally doing my bit for the water crisis by forgoing my 8 glasses of water a day, looking to other sources of ‘hydration’.

Okay yes, drinking bubbly instead of water will not leave you more hydrated (it will have the contrary effect, in fact) but it will make you happier, right?

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If you don't want to drink alcohol, fine. According to the New York Times fat-free milk, whole milk and orange juice are the most hydrating beverages other than water. 

So if you can’t get your 8 glasses of H2O a day, milk and mimosas (again, with or without the OJ) will have to suffice. Not convinced? Okay, here are the legitimate tips below...

Micellar water and waterless face cleansers

No need to wash your face at night using water when waterless makeup removers like Garnier or Bioderma’s amazing Micellar Water or Cetaphil’s Gentle Skin Cleanser do the job just as well.

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If you do have to use water to cleanse your face, be sure to use just as much as you need – and don’t keep the tap running while you’re busy cleansing!

Outfit on rotation

Don’t wash your clothes too regularly – about 50 litres of water are used every time you use your washing machine!

Find a way to wear the same outfit almost every day. See, I recently tried it and loved wearing a uniform.

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It makes things so easy – and it really stimulates creativity.  

Be your own paper doll and switch out very few items of your wardrobe in an effort to avoid washing your clothes too regularly.

Dry shampoo

I really like label.m Dry Shampoo, R254 (200ml). It refreshes hair in-between shampooing and it works as a brilliant matte texturiser for a soft-touch, velvet finish to the hair.

Also think about asking your hairdresser for a dry haircut, many salons offer this now – see Swordfern Emporium in Cape Town.

Shave your legs and condition your hair separately

Slashed Beauty recommends you shave and condition/mask your hair independent of shower time. Keeping the water running while shaving or waiting for your conditioner to moisturise every hair follicle can waste a lot of water. Rather turn the water off and wait for the 10 minutes needed for your mask, then take this time to shave your already wet and soapy legs.