Smashing burgers and pizza slices laced with cheese into your face are not great for your skin, yet smoking is almost the same as eating rat poison!

Aside from an increase in wrinkles and accelerated skin ageing, smoking, as we all know, also causes cancer. notes that smoking will destroy your looks as it causes scaly skin, bags under your eyes, yellowing teeth, greying skin, etc.

Skin damage some Instagram filters simply can't cover.


Over-washing is already problematic as it strips the skin of its natural oils and sebum which keeps skin hydrated. notes that ridding your skin of its top layer of dead skin cells is an instant youth activator as it leaves the skin glowy and more radiant. Yet, over-doing it is not a good idea. One to 3 times a week is enough.

Be wary of harsh exfoliants and chemical exfoliants with high concentrations as these products could cause pigmentation and even scarring if used in too high dosages says StyleCaster.

Always using the same products

Think of it this way: you wear different clothes throughout the year to accommodate the climate. Your skin is the same. It needs to be comforted at times, wrapped in a blanket (of hydration) in winter and needs to shed a layer or two in spring (exfoliate!).

So be sure to adapt your skin care regime accordingly throughout the year.

Here’s an example:

Spring: cleanse and exfoliate

Summer: moisture and protection (sunscreen)

Autumn: exfoliate

Winter: hydration

Not using sunscreen

Every day. Everywhere you go and no matter your skin tone. Yes! This is the ultimate anti-ageing product.

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Dermatologist, Dr. Willie Visser of Stellenbosch University, says one of the most important, and often overlooked things about sunscreen, is that it has the right texture and scent that will convince you to actually use it every day.

That is the key. Find a product you wouldn't mind using daily.

Squeezing and picking

We all do this. I recently decided to stop regularly examining my face in a hand mirror as I noticed some scarring on my chin from incessant squeezing and picking. Ai tog. notes that the more people squeeze blemishes, the more it gets inflamed. This results in discolouration and scars.

So, hands off!