BaoCare Radiance Oil

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Winter is exceptionally harsh on our skin – especially if you’re in Joburg and have to endure the dry air and water that sucks the life out of you.

To cure that I went hunting for a product that would moisurise my skin and give it that island glow, despite the clouds.

I came across BaoCare Radiance, which I wasn’t so sure about since it’s an oil and I didn’t want to look like a chapstick or have my pores clogged. But with just two tiny sprays I had an efficient amount of oil for both my face and neck.

I was astounded at how effortlessly it absorbed into my skin. Instead of being shiny, my skin looks smooth and nourished.

After using the oil in the morning and evening for just two weeks I – and people around me – noticed my skin looked softer and there was even some tightening of the elasticity of my skin. Limpopo-based EcoProducts created BaoCare, a 100% pure and natural skin healing range. It uses the rare baobab oil as its foundational ingredient, which is very quickly absorbed, deeply moisturises and helps to regenerate new skin cells; while the jojoba increases elasticity and softens skin. Pomegranate extract protects against damage from UV light, and promotes collagen synthesis and skin repair.

There are four other skin-healing products in the range: 100% Pure Baobab Oil, Tissue Oil, Eczema Skin Care and Acne Skin Care.

The BaoCare Radiance is a winner and a product I will use for as long as it stays on the market.