Change your hair weekly, even daily 

We all probably feel on top of our game if we hit the salon every few months, but when you're Kylie Jenner or Rihanna, visiting your hairstylist (or, rather, having your hairstylist visit you) happens as often as we go out to lunch.

According to Refinery29, Kylie gets her hair done by celebrity hairstylist Priscilla Valles, who charges anything from R 6892 to R 48239 per visit as reported by la.racked.

Rihanna’s hair changes cost a reported R 233 657 a week. Say, whaaaaat?

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Take time for manicures (a lot of time)

Sure, you might spoil yourself with a regular 20-minute manicure every so often, but if you were Kate Middleton you'd be pampered like a princess for an hour long "signature royal manicure" by Marina Sandoval — which according to The Daily Mail costs R2000.

But our Queen B tops this as Huffpost Style reported that Beyoncé paid more than R12 000 for the gold nails she sported in the Mrs. Carter World Tour promotional video.

And according to Nymag, Kelly Osbourne spent R3 444 625 on a black diamond manicure for the 2012 Emmys. Yup, more than three millions rands! 

Live for facials

The Daily Mail reported Gwyneth Paltrow regularly spends R 31 019 on her favourite microdermabrasion, electronic muscle stimulation, an oxygen-mist treatment at Tracie Martyn in New York, and R 6206 on an apple stem cell facial at Sonya Dakar in L.A.

This next one is a little more bonkers, but not because of the price.

Victoria Beckham is apparently a big fan of the Geisha facial at the Shizuka Day Spa in New York.

This is a 60-minute treatment that costs R 2482 and involves powdered nightingale dropping, in other words - rubbing bird poop on your face. We’ll pass.

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Bathe in bottled Water

Serena Williams once apparently bathed in 1,000 litres of twice-purified Evian water at Hotel Victor in Miami.

The world's most expensive bath is offered exclusively in the penthouse suite for a going rate of R 68 933 a dip.

The Daily Mail reports that Beyoncé and Britney Spears have also soaked in this might-as-well-be holy water sensation.

                      Image credit: Getty Images

Become BFFs with facial creams 

Angelina Jolie apparently likes to supplement her beauty routine with that with a luxurious La Prairie Caviar Cream, which can be purchased in South Africa for R 6214 per 100 ml.

Another expensive beauty product that has celebrities obsessed is the EMK Rescue Serum, which costs R 2 690 and contains plant placenta (thankfully not human placenta).

Celebs such as Eva Longoria, Madonna, and Martha Stewart all love it for their skin.

A girl can dream!

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