Russian beauty salon Nail Sunny has created a nail fitted with a metal pole and a pink-haired wax dancer who effortlessly wraps her legs around it. 

The salon uploaded a video of the pole dancer in full swing and it’s racked up more than one million views on both Facebook and Instagram.

In the bizarre clip a nail artist is seen making the sassy dancer out of acrylic powder, carefully moulding her body into a rather awkward but flexible position.

After the powder had dried the artist paints a little black bikini on the dancer and adds facial features and neon-pink artificial hair.

The dancer is then attached to a small metal pin and carefully threaded into the hollowed-out acrylic nail. 

Hundreds of people took to social media to voice their opinion on this rather strange nail creation.

“Very creative, this is art I’m sure the majority of women are not going to get  . . . but it’s very creative and I find it funny,” said one Facebook user.

“We out here getting stressed picking colours and she gets this!?" said another.

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