Curtain eyebrows, heart-shaped period stain, Rapunzel armpit hair and sparkling tears. This, and more, are all seen in artist Marius Sperlich’s art Instagram page that just keeps you scrolling down his feed.

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This artist’s photography on Instagram consists of extreme close up shots of women’s bodies, but not in the way you may expect.

The naked body parts are so close and artistically modified that each one depicts a different narrative.

Sure, one might view the images from a sexual perspective, but it really surpasses that. Truly, the more you read the photographs, the more you see.

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“I was always fascinated by the human body, so I started going in closer,” Marius tells Playboy Magazine. He created Playboy Magazine’s winter 2019 cover.

It comes across as a social commentary on nudity, the censorship of women’s bodies, body hair on women, and so much more.

In this article, Marius said he quit his job at an agency to work on these kinds of images full-time and our social media feeds are grateful for it.


Rapunzel, let down your hair


Doing donuts

Strong eyebrow game

White underwear

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